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Additional support available via:
Kacie Craven (Actor - Singer - Dialect Coach) ;

Kacie is an actor, singer and accent coach specializing in accent reduction/standard American accent training.  She holds a B.F.A. in Acting from Montclair State University with minors in Musical Theater and Spanish.  She hails from New Jersey but has had the privilege of living and training in Madrid and London and is now based in New York City.  

Kacie Craven - Headshot 1.jpg
Katelyn Farrugia (Teaching Assistant and Coach)

Katelyn has 10 years of acting and accent experience, and has trained with me for 3.  She is based in Atlanta and is available as an advanced accent practice partner, a scene partner for your self-tapes that require accents, and even offers acting coaching if desired. 
She is proficient in the following accents: British RP/BBC,
Birmingham, Cockney, American Southern, New York, Irish
Standard American, Australian, Russian/Eastern European
Middle Eastern and MORE!!

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